2018 Cryptocurrency Crash (Elliott Wave): Recommencing?

2018 Cryptocurrency Crash (Elliott Wave): Recommencing? Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD stevepuri https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2711461.0 From the 6000 (Bitfinex) lows set on 06-FEB-2018, Bitcoin             has rallied +90% to $11,250 taking out the psychological $10,000 level. The 12-day bounce has been fairly broad-based across the majority of the top 10 marketcap cryptocurrencies which have been partaking in the […]

Citi’s “Four Crazy Market Targets”

Forget the February 5 VIX eruption: there is another critical shift that is taking place right now, and which matters far more to the US and global economy and capital markets. According to Citigroup, the most important transformation at the start of 2018, has little to do with the move in volatility, which is merely […]

Former CIA Chief Admits US Meddling In Foreign Elections “For Their Own Good”

Former CIA chief James Woolsey appeared on Fox News to push the narrative of how dastardly ‘dem Russkies’ are in their meddling with the sacred soul of America’s democracy. Woolsey did his patriotic deep-state-duty and proclaimed the evils of “expansionist Russia” and dropped ‘facts’ like “Russia has a larger cyber-army than its standing army,” before […]